The Willow On the Farm

At The Willow On The Farm the children are taught by experienced teachers who use Montessori and traditional methods of teaching. We will follow the EYFS 7 areas of learning and use our fabulous surroundings to incorporate opportunities for outdoor learning, led by our Forest School Trained Leader. We also follow the hugely successful RULER Program, a tried and tested method that helps develop the emotional intelligence and well-being of every child.

The enormous benefit of The Willow On The Farm is that we will be able to combine all that is good ‘inside’ the classroom with everything on offer ‘outside’ the classroom. We want to fuel and inspire the children’s interest in learning but also create magical memories for them.

Children will be encouraged and praised along the way and will learn at their own pace. Our aim is that each child leaves The Willow On The Farm armed with the tools of resilience, courage, self-confidence, kindness and a respect of everything and everyone around them.