*7 Areas of Learning


7 Areas of Learning

Communication and Language – The way in which your child listens and understands what is being said is key to developing their vocabulary and speech. Children do this by listening, watching and imitating, joining in with rhymes, stories and games using sounds and words. Our teacher to child ratio ensures that each child learns to form strong bonds with adults and communicate clearly.

Personal and Social Development – Your child will develop a wide range of social skills giving them the confidence to manage their feelings and behaviour, make friends, share and take turns. Independence is taught through registering their names on the board, joining in circle time, dressing up and outdoor play. We create a fun, vibrant environment where their personal, social and emotional development thrives.

Physical Development – Children need to be active to strengthen coordination, control and movement. We encourage them to make healthy choices. We teach all fine motor skills activities such as holding a pencil or scissors, using tweezers, pegs and tongs, threading beads of moulding playdoh, sand and mud! Gross motor skills are used to develop larger muscles and coordination, through many of the outdoor activites.

Literacy – Children learn to link sounds and letters and begin to read and write. Letters are introduced at the very earliest stage by repetition through activities supported by a variety of phonetic reading schemes. We have a letter of the week which runs alongside termly projects, which serves to increase their vocabulary.

Mathematics – We encourage children to see the fun in learning mathematics. They start to understand shape, space, measures and numbers, solving puzzles with reasoning and logic. Working at their own pace ensures individual progress assisted by both one-to-one teaching and group projects. Every child has a personal record of progress filled in by their teacher to document their development at every stage.

Expressive Art and Design – We are renowned for being creative in art, craft, singing, dancing, making music and playing imaginatively. We place huge importance on it being both structured and messy. Children are offered opportunities to create from design and technology, painting, collage making and cooking.

Understanding the World – Your children will discover all about the world. We will make the most of our surroundings, utilising the farm and the forest, and we will also visit local community places where appropriate. Family members will always be welcome to share their lives and stories with the children and we will have regular visits from local professionals, milkmen, bee keepers to scuba divers and soldiers!