The indoor Classroom

The Indoor Classroom

Each day we strive to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment in which to help the children learn.  Through careful planning, we ensure their day keeps them occupied with a wide variety of activities and learning opportunities.  Once they have registered their names on the board, we believe in free play and messy play and giving them the chance to choose their own activities when they first arrive in the morning and throughout the day i.e. painting, play-doh, craft making, jigsaw puzzles, games, outdoor games etc.

Then ‘Circle time’  – an important element of the school day, when everyone comes together. This is a chance for the children to discuss a variety of things, share their ideas and ‘show and tell’.  We place great importance on the confidence to stand up in front of others and give an opinion – even at their young age.

The children will have small group lessons and one-to-ones with their class teachers where they will be introduced to:

Letters and sounds – by repetition and replication in a variety of forms and with support of Montessori phonetic reading schemes, they are encouraged to recognise the different letters and sounds in their environment.

Maths – with simple activities, games and challenges they begin to grasp the basic mathematical language to develop their skills. Each child has a personal record of progress to ensure their understanding of mathematics is monitored at every stage.

Arts and crafts – structured and messy art is a huge part of the children’s day.  Using different media and materials to create, both individually and in groups, with the product of their work on view for all to see.

Physical development – developing their motor skills,  through regular opportunities ranging from gym and dance (and learning to change clothes for each activity) to outdoor activities.

Music and drama  – there are daily sessions when the children are introduced to singing, instrumental work and learning to make music together. They are encouraged in imaginative and dramatic play through drama games and role-play, with plenty of dressing up!


All learning follows the EYFS 7 Areas of Learning.